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 GIMP tutorials for beginners, Let's work together on this!

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PostSubject: GIMP tutorials for beginners, Let's work together on this!   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:46 pm


I've just started with Gimp and finding the right tutorials is not easy.
The first search for GIMP tutorials found so many it was daunting.
Where should I start?
Where to find answers to my current question?
Never did find what I was looking for, some help with the basic software operation. Yes, I know, search some more...

If you know of, or find, a good GIMP tutorial please reply and I'll add it to the list.
After we get a few, we'll catagorize them under 'GIMP For Beginners'.
Download Programs.
First time opening the program.
First project.
Okay, I'm starting to catch on.
Ready for more tutorials.

Add any catagories you think are appropriate.

Here's a few that I found. Any comments or additions please?

GIMP For Beginners

Download Programs:

Check these two Creatix threads, you can find Gimp and more.
Free 'native' 64 bit software.
Animation/Image edition software list.

Gimp Basics: First time opening the program

From the Gimp Talk site: Beginning with GIMP -- Starting Tutorial for new users

Wilber's Wiki Gimp Tutorials A list of several sites from Wilber

Wilber’s Gimp tutorials basic and have to know techniques

First friendly tutorial

How to’s: These have not been sorted yet.

From the Gimp site: Gimp tuts for beginner, intermediate, expert…


soft tuts

tutorials 947 tuts

Nicu's How-to

gimp Tutorials

Gimp Talk tutorials and tips

To be honest I haven't looked too closely at these sites, yet.
I would like to find a basic program operations tut site for those little things that are holding me up. I'm getting some of them but would like to find a good tut.

Thanks to all for any feedback,
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GIMP tutorials for beginners, Let's work together on this!
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